Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday was the official first day of summer break for us. Since I teach, I get summer break too. But, how do I keep all three (Emma, my niece, JD, and Jules) busy all summer. We dont do a big family vacay in the summer-its just too hot! Right now, we have a schedule of sorts. I go for a run before anyone gets out of bed, take a shower, check email, etc. Around 8, if the kiddie aren't up, I'll get them up (except Monday's, our do what you want day). We have breakfast, brush teeth, and put on some clothes. Then, we have about 15 mins of "school work." today we used kid college for the oldest two, and Jules did a couple math worksheets from her workbooks from school and practiced writing her name. Today was errand day, so we went to get the oil changed, waited on the air guy (because it's 9000 degrees upstairs). We planned on going to the library, but the air guy had to come back. Tomorrow will just have to be our library day for the week. Thrown in the mix is laundry and picking up their rooms. We have some crafts planned for Friday and maybe some free bowling on Thursday. I love summer break!

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