Monday, June 20, 2011

A Bucket List

I've seen so many bucket list lately, just thought I'd add one of my own. Here goes, in no particular order:
  • Go on a cruise with my family; If I can only talk Eric into this one
  • Travel to Hawaii
  • Take the kids to San Diego Zoo. JD has always wanted to go there.
  • Visit Red Square (planning on doing this one in a month or so)

  • Attend an LPA national conference and become active in our local group (baseball seems to get in the way with this one)
  • Achieve National Board Certification
  • Get my master's. In what, I'm not sure (technology education, special ed, reading?)
  • Learn a new language-this one is hard and I don't practice well
  • Go back to Broadway

  • Take a road trip with no plan on where I'm going
  • See the Grand Canyon from the air
  • sew more for charity
  • Get published in a magazine
  • Visit all 50 states. I'm about 1/3 of the way through them

I know there's more, these are just from the top of my head.

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