Thursday, March 7, 2013

Advocare Meals and Recipes

I'm not a doctor or a dietician, so take my advice for what it's worth.

I've had a physical in the last few months, and while I'm not dying, I'm not living to the fullest either. The doctor put me on a low dose water pill to help with some blood pressure issues I've been having for the past couple of years that we feel is stress related (our adoption, plus all the test/evaluation demands of being a teacher). I used AdvoCare products in 2010 and loved the results I had (20 pounds and about 20 inches lost) in the 24 day challenge. Over the years, I've sporatically used the products, but I haven't been consistant to say the least. But, I've kept the weight and inches off!!! We used AdvoCare to fund some of our adoption too (see the link on the sidebar for our store). But, after the blood work in November and then another test just this week, I knew I needed to do more to get those pesky numbers where they needed to be. 

I LOVE to eat.  I HATE to exercise. But, I want to be around to see my kids grow up without having a stroke or heart attack.  When I used AdvoCare consistently in 2010, I had some great blood work numbers, and I hope that the products, along with a better diet and exercise plan helped.

I've recently started back at the gym a couple days a week, and now it's time to adjust what I'm eating and the products I'm using.

Here's what I'm starting on Monday, and the meals I'll be preparing. I'll try to link to the recipes I'll use as well.
Herbal Cleanse (I love the peaches and cream variety)
Meal Replacement Shakes (in chocolate and berry for breakfast during the 24 days)
Spark (variety of flavors at our house; once or twice a day)
Omega Plex
O2 Gold (on cardio days)

Tuna Salad (with light mayo, pickles, and eggs) on lettuce wraps
Buffalo turkey burgers and salad
Meatloaf (with 93% lean beef and turkey mix)
mashed califlower
Chicken lettuce wraps

I don't love almonds, which is a recommended food on the cleanse and Max phase, so I opt for the others listed below.
fruit salad (grapes, oranges, banana, whatever looks good at the store)
raw veggies and Publix spicy hummus (cucumber, celery, carrots, califlower, brocolli)
turkey slices; not processed
homemade Kale chips