Friday, September 30, 2011


What a great week this has been! We received our court appointment today for October 21st. We'll travel to Vlad for a visit with Lyubov, new medicals, and then court. Right now, I'm not too nervous. I'm sure that week my nerves will be crazy bad. I'm excited to see our daughter again and be one step closer to her joining our family permanently.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Court...Kind of

We received an email from Judy/Vita yesterday asking how soon could we get travel arangements and visas for court!! We should have a date soon. The earliest we will travel will be in about three weeks, but depending on the court docket, it could be longer.

What's next?
1. We get a court date!!
2. Apply for Visas and make travel arrangements.
3. Get to Vlad., see our daughter, have new "R" medicals compelted in country
4. Go to court
5. Come home for 10 days (unless they waive the wait).
6. Go back and get our girl.
If we travel on the date we hope, we'll have our girl home by Thanksgiving!!!