Monday, February 13, 2012

Some of my favorite "Pins"

These are some of the things I've pinned and actually used:

Bathroom cleaner: (AMAZING cleaner! Gets all the gunk off the shower walls and floors, even on the gross bathroom at our house).

Cake Mix Chex Mix: (Like a mini cupcake. Fast and easy. I did thin with about 1-2 tsps of shortning)

Laundry Detergent: (clothes come out super clean with very little detergent. I also use vinegar for my rinse instead of regular fabric softner).

Household Cleaners: (Great, economical cleaners. No strong, harsh odors to deal with).

Jule's Valentines with glow sticks:

JD's Valentines with glow sticks:

Spelling App: (both JD and Jules love this)

Two Months Home

We've been home two months!! The whole family is doing great. Louba still won't try a big variety of foods. She loves anything with peanut butter (apples, bananas, crackers), french fries, especially fast food fries, sour kraut, chips and pasta.
She speaks almost no Russian anymore. We do listen and watch Russian cartoons and CDs, but her Russian is almost all gone. She still says a few words in Russian (pee/poop, girl/boy).
Louba sleeps in her own room and goes to bed with no problems anymore. She turns her own light out, crawls in bed, and we say her prayers.
Cute (or maybe not so cute things she says): "Stay in tha Be-ad," "Louba do it," "Brusha your teetha," "I go see _____ (everyone we know)," "I told you."
She got her first American haircut this month. We had to get rid of the mullet that she had going on. Now to work on the bangs. Trying to train them is hard. She sat super still and did great, and now wants to go back and have it cut again.  
Growing up... Her Superman was Adopted shirt (get yours here)
 Hanging out while the big kids are at school...
 Louba and Daddy
 This girl would take a bath 3 times a day if we would let her.
 She also LOVES lasagna.

Sweet Big Sister

We played around with wouldn't let me post his "perfect" photo, but Jules looks beautiful (not that she doesn't already). I love this big sister. She has done amazingly well the past couple months giving up her role as little sister and assuming the big sister role. She's had a little trouble not getting as much attention as in the past, but you can tell she loves Louba. We ended up spending a few hours of just me and her Saturday. We went to her small group party at Chuck E. Cheese and she didn't have to share her tokens with anyone, then to Justice to get some new sun glasses and earrings, and Michael's for some craft supplies. She kept telling me thank you for letting her buy the sun glasses.
She has her moments, and we decided that we would take a date night every other week or so and do just what she wants without her brother or sister tagging along. I don't know who's more excited about the dates, me or her.