Sunday, August 28, 2011

40 bags

I saw this on Pinterest and have put it away until today--I'm very stressed today and feel like I can't accomplish anything because I have so much to accomplish. I'm surprised I'm even blogging about it because my list could be 100 bags in 40 days. It seems like we are running from one place to another without a breathe between them. I'm overwhelmed to say the least. So, here's my list:
1. closet (my stuff)
2. closet (Eric's stuff)
3. Kitchen drawers
4. kitchen cabinets
5. Refrigerator
6. spice cabinet
7. computer desk
8. dresser (mine)
9. dresser (eric's)
10. fabric/sewing closet
11. bathroom closet
12. bathroom vanity (mine)
13. bathroom vanity (Eric's)
14. Kid's bathroom
15. Jules closet
16. Jules drawers
17. Jules toys
18. JD closet
19. JD drawers
20. JD toys
21. hall closet (linens)
22. hall closet (coat)
23. van
24. jeep
25. Lyubov Jane's room
26. garage (trash)
27. garage (recycling)
28. garage (stuff)
29. pantry
30. laundry cabinet
31. linen cabinet in dining room
32. nightstand
33. office stuff in upstairs closet
34. upstairs entertainment center
35. Jules toybox
36. Christmas and holiday storage
37. attic (right side)
38. attic (left side)
39. backyard
40. laundry room storage

After looking at my list, I was able to mark two things off. Things I've done, but just haven't carted the bag out of the house. (just did it today! 9/4/11).

I also saw another thing on Pinterest today about having a donate/give-away box where everyone has to put 5 things in it everyday. May try to tackle that one this week too (or at least this weekend). Maybe once I get organized, I'll not be as stressed about everything.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated that I have no control over when I get to bring my daughter home. I'm frustrated because I've tried to be positive about this whole situation. I'm frustrated because I need to be strong about this because there is a reason for this stupid delay. I've tried really hard to give it all to HIM. And, I think I've done well, until today. I just want to cry. no, to bawl. to scream at someone "WHY CAN I NOT HAVE MY KID!!!!" That. is. all.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new hobby...

Jules decided she wanted to try something new this fall instead of dance. It didn't hurt that Eric offered her $20.00 to try softball. Today was her very first softball practice, and she LOVED it. As much as it hurts me to hear her say she liked softball more than dance, I'm glad she found something else she liked to do. I want her to try other things as well. I don't want her to just do something, because that's always what she's done. The other night, he asked her, "Jules, I know I kinda made you play softball." Her reply, "Dad, you didn't kinda make me, you MADE me."

On the way to the car after practice, "Mom, can we get a new softball bag?" How can you say no to that sweetness.

In the dugout waiting for her turn to bat...

Softball ready at 2nd (bad camera phone picture):