Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adoption update

We received word today that as soon as our facilitator in *R* has our documents in hand she can schedule a court date for us. The only additional paperwork they requested is FBI clearance- we'll register and get those done Monday. Paperwork should be in Vita's hands by this time next week. We also have to get our doctors to update our physicals which is just taking in the form and having them sign off on it. We were waiting to send in the last three documents to see if the judge requested anything else. The FBI clearance and update of dr. Physicals can be walked in when we go back sometime in July! Specifics to pray for: speeding Fedex, fast turn around on the fingerprints, and our dr. To revise our Medicals quickly with no trouble. I had trouble getting my dr to give me a copy of her license the first time.

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