Friday, June 8, 2012

Six Months

Six months ago, I was sitting in a hotel in Moscow with a scared little girl who spoke no English and I understood very little Russian. We spent the next couple of days learning about each other. She was funny and loving, (and still is).

Today, we're at home six months with a sweet little girl who has stolen our hearts. She's even more enjoyable and now speaks with a southern accent with a faint Russian accent added in. She still remembers a few words in Russian, but talks non-stop in English. She loves to paint, color, and cut with scissors. She enjoyed Vacation Bible School for the first time ever and wants to go back. She wants to play baseball or softball like her brother and sister. She eats chicken nuggets, french fries, chips, lasagna, milk, cheerios, donuts, and ice cream. We still fight the eating issues and there's not a great variety there. But, she has gained about 3 pounds since coming home. She loves swinging outside and riding her bike.

Our referral picture (Louba about 2 1/2):

Louba today (4 years old):

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