Friday, October 21, 2011

She's ours!!

Court only lasted about an hour and a half today, and we were granted custody of our girl! Now the fun begins. We wait 10 days for the approval to be contested; which makes it November 7th. Eric will fly to R then for a couple days to apply for her passport. Then he'll fly back home while we wait for her passport to be processed, which takes about two weeks. We'll both fly back sometime around November 21st to get her and complete the Embassay appointments, medical exams for her, and visa application. We'll be back home around Thanksgiving. We decided that it will be best for our family not to be away from them for three-four weeks. What a wonderful early Christmas present.

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Blogging Friend said...

This is awesome news.
Will you be able to post pictures of your precious new child? We would love to see her now and then see how she progresses after she gets home. It is so awesome to watch how they truly blossom after being in a loving family.



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