Sunday, October 16, 2011

Court trip day 1

We've made back to "R" after almost 24 hours of traveling! Getting here was pretty uneventful. We did have to race to our connecting flight in DC. When we landed there, we only had about an hour to get from gate A to gate C. If you know DC, you know it's huge. We got to the gate just as they were starting to board. One cool thing, Michael Phelps was on our plane. We didnt see him until we were at passport control and Eric wouldn't get the camera out so we could prove we saw him. He was the only swim team member carrying a Louis Bouton bag instead of the team backpack (and he had on his Calvin klein's.

When we got off the plane, we didn't see our translator. Finally, after about 20 mins of waiting, I spotted her and we got in the car to make the almost three hour trip to Lyubov's region. I slept most of the way, because car rides here are scary!

We're staying at the same hotel as last time. It's about $100 a night, but it has breakfast, free Internet, an English menu, and it's close to a shopping mall. We could probably stay somewhere cheaper, but it wouldn't have Internet and we need that to survive the week. Again it's sweltering in here and we've had to open the window to cool it off. It's not too cold outside-maybe in the 30s? At least it was a nice walk to the mall.

When we got in, we were both exhausted. So, we took a couple hours to nap before heading to the mall for our sbarro's pizza. Yes, were in R and eating sbarros. We'll eat in the hotel restaurant one or two nights, so we'll get our R fare.

Tomorrow, we head into town to start our Medicals, get some documents notarized, and see Lyubov in the afternoon.

Now to watch the ONLY channel in English-a music channel like MTV used to be.

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Traci said...

I'm glad to hear you made it safely back to R! I meant to tell you that we found an awesome Chinese restaurant up off of the main road on a little side street. It was really good and was actually my favorite restaurant that we found. There is also a fast food place on the side street where the mall is. It looks like it would be a Burger King with a big burger on the building. It has a wooden deck type seating area outside and the food isn't too bad. Avoid the fast food place up on the main was some of the worst food I've ever eaten in my life, LOL.

Stay warm and good luck with your medicals!! Can't wait to see your girly!!

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