Monday, October 17, 2011

Miss Personality

Day Two in "R" was a trip for Medicals and the best part, Miss Personality, Lyubov. We were able to sit down with the director for a few minutes to talk about how she had been over the past few months. We saw pictures of her from the summer with her friends, and the lady who we thought was going to try and adopt her. It was a misunderstanding. She said that if we didn't want her, then she would start the paperwork, not that she had already!! She's grown and changed so much over the past several months. Her hair is longer (yeah! they didnt' cut it), she's talking more and much clearer. We took some sparlky shoes and she immediatly had to have them on, her favorite puzzle from last time; she was much faster with it this time. Her microphone, her telephone, and some coloring books. Only "papa" could color with her, because I was busy holding the colors. She has become quite the sassy little miss too. She fussed at Eric because he wasn't coloring the flowers as carefully as he should. She did give out hugs and kisses this time. But, made sure to ask our translator if Papa would bite her!!!

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