Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Personality is an understatement for sure!!Today we went back to the orphanage in the afternoon. Since it was warmer, we were able to play outside for about 30-40 mins. Vita had to go to some office about giving them our paperwork tomorrow or Thursday since the chief medical doctor was on vacation. That meant we were alone with Lyubov! Oh. My. Word. Just a little taste of what it's like to not understand a three year old speaking Russian. All three of us mostly pointed, but we had fun. We sat and swung for a while (she wouldn't let dad swing with us). She started a game of sticking her tongue out at Eric. We had a little bit of pinching and pushing, but nothing a normal three year old wouldn't do. We'll work on it when we get home.

Then, Eric found a block they could use for catch. Every time she would throw it, she would make the funniest face and SCREAM!!!! At the top of her lungs. Every time.we played on the see-saw for a while and then it was getting too cold to stay outside.

In the playroom, she knew I had my bag and wanted to color-with dad. I have been delegated to crayon holder only. When 5:00 rolled around she told the staff she wasn't going upstairs. She was determined to stay downstairs with us. We promised to go back tomorrow to watch her perform in her class program. By the way, I'm pretty excited to see this "performance" tomorrow. Well definitely have our video camera for that one.

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