Wednesday, May 11, 2011

R Trip: Day Four

We finally get to meet our girl!!! We drove the hour to her area, got lost, and then picked up the "social worker" person who says we've met the child when we go to court. We are buzzed into the building and go upstairs to meet with the director/doctor and another lady from the baby house. They went through her file with us, explaining all their finding with her medical, why she was left for adoption (her mother didn't think she could raise a child with dwarfism), we were even able to see a picture of her mother. I felt so sad for her mother. How stressful that day must have been for her. The day the doctor's told her that her child had achon. and she realized she couldn't care for her the way someone else could. They said her mother was devestated. We got all her measurements from the last dr. check-up and then they just brought her in.

She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I had played this visit over in my head a thousand times. I didn't want to cry when I first met her and scare her away, but lately, my emotions have not wanted to do what I expected them to do. Luckily, I held back the tears. We played in the floor for a few minutes and then they led us into a more open room so we could get in the floor and play with her.

She loved the phone her big sister sent for her and the puzzle one of my students sent in. We were able to play for about an hour until she had to go to lunch. The worker told her to give us a hug, and she did, she even threw us kisses. She would tell us her name and when we told her she was beautiful, her response, "Yes, I know." She's going to fit right in with Princess Jules. She's already got Daddy wrapped around her finger.

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