Wednesday, May 11, 2011

February 2011

My kids are growing way too fast. I can't believe that we'll be adding another one to our mix pretty soon.
Just an update on the kids on the homefront:
John David:
8 years old; avid ball player; super fast runner (he won't lose a race); LOVES minute to win it, we usually have at least one mission set up in the house. This morning it's the "roll the quarter into the fork" (which he's completed a couple times already) and stacking the cups into a pyramid; spelling is not a favorite subject at school. He tries, really he does, he just gets so frustrated with it.

5 years old going on 13. She's a dancing diva. At dance class, she dances to "Whip Your Hair Back" by Willow Smith and does an amazing job. She's just like her momma. I think that's why we fight so much. I dread the teenage years when we really have fights. She loves to draw and color and will spend hours doing it. She has a collection of Bride magazines and flips through them almost daily. Her favorite TV shows are "Say Yes to the Dress," "Shake It Up" on disney, and Minute to Win It. She's pretty good at the cup stacking.

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