Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Dear Lyubov Jane,

My Dear Lyubov Jane,

I loved you the first moment I saw your picture. I knew that you belonged to our family; that God created you for us to love and nurture and watch grow into a beautiful adult. Your daddy and I had never seriously talked about adopting, but when I saw you, I knew it was meant for us to pursue you becoming part of our family. I never knew how much I wanted you until I saw you—saw your picture was amazing, but holding you in my arms was even better. I did not want to let you go. Leaving your country was even harder. As the miles grew further and further between us, my heart tore more and more. I knew that I would see you soon, but I wanted you right beside me on that long flight home.

When we started our journey to bring you home, we knew there would be bumps along the way. But, we also knew that all of this was in God’s plan for our family. You are our prize at the end of this long, sometimes frustrating, journey we started in October. Everything has moved so quickly, those times that we have to slow down are the ones that stress me out and frustrate me the most. I hoped that we would have you here with us by now, but that has not been in His master plan. We know that we will travel when the time is right. It’s hard not having any control over when I get to hold you and kiss those sweet checks of yours again, but I know in time I will. My faith is with our Heavenly Father that our timing is going to be perfect. You will officially become our daughter when HE sees fit.

I pray for you each night. I pray that you won’t forget us; that you will know how much we love you and want you for our daughter. I pray that you will know that we are your parents the moment we take you out of your orphanage and make our way home. I pray that you will love your brother and sister. I pray that you will run after our Lord. I pray that you will know the Word and live by it. I pray that you will forgive us for taking you away from everything that you have known for the past three years, and love what we can give you in return.

My sweet, sweet daughter, I love you. I can not wait to see the child God has created you to be. Our faith is with the one and only in this journey. We know that you are ours, forever and ever.


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The Overstreets said...

Sweet Mama! I can't wait for this precious cutie to be home forever! That day will come, but I know not fast enough. Let us know how we can help!

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