Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Study

We cleaned and cleaned for our home study visit. At least the house is nice and tidy!!

It wasn't too bad. Kelly asked a bunch of questions: how did we meet, how long did we date, what were positives and negatives about each other, favorite childhood memories, etc. Kinda like a job interview. I think everyone should have to do a home study when they decide to have kids. It does make you think. It made me think about what I want my kids to remember when they grow up. It made me appreciate Eric and remember why we fell in love and decided to have these two wonderful kids.

Now, she has to write it up (as soon as we get her the TBI forms, which came in the mail today; and our physical forms, which we are getting Friday). She said it should be finished in about two weeks!!! Then, it goes to Global to be finalized and translated!!! Every day is a day closer to our girl. I've tried really hard to take it one step at a time. Some days its easier than others. Now, we're waiting on passports so that we can finish up some other papers.

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