Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's Ours!!!--Unofficially!!

Yesterday, November 20, 2010, we got a call from Judy at Global Adoptions asking some questions about what our motivation was for adopting; did we realize that there are many unknowns with adopting; have we looked for support for her particular "need," etc. I'm so glad that Eric answered the phone. I was driving to Dad's and would have driven off the road if she had called me and tried to get me to answer all those questions. Eric was a nervous wreck talking to her, and was worried that he had messed something up. Judy said we would know "soon." But, I wasn't sure her definition of "soon." So we waited, not expecting another call back so soon.

Fast forward about an hour. We're eating lunch and the phone rings again. Again, its Judy. I braced for the worse. Eric went outside to talk and I followed a few minutes later. As he's talking, he shakes his head yes!!! "Yes?" she's ours!!! There were three or four other families who had put in their application for her. All I know is that God is all over this one!!

We're going to Eastern Europe! My mind is reeling with all the to-do's we have to get done before we can travel, but we can go as fast as we want now. We just have to get everything in order before we travel. I'm glad next week is a holiday week. I hope that we can get through a big chunk of the paperwork while we are both off. I may send the kids to Mom's for a day so that we do have a couple hours of quiet to work.

Look out little girl--we're coming to get you. Introducing the soon-to-be newest member of the Elliotts:
Of course, if you feel led, you can donate to her adoption fund: http://reecesrainbow.org/sponsorelliott

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