Monday, December 6, 2010

Current fundraisers

We’ve got a couple fundraisers going on right now. Still waiting to find one to bring in some big bucks, since that’s what it’s going to cost us to get this little girl. If you own a business or would like to contribute in any way, we would love it. We have to raise between $27,000-30,000 for the entire process. We will give back as soon as we get her home. Our goal is to help bring as many of these angels home as possible (or at least help others to get them home). So, once we get our adoption paid for (either through grants, loans, fundraising, or donations), we will be giving back as much as was donated to us to other families bringing home their forever children into their forever homes.

Fundraiser Number 1:
We are partnering with Wild Olive Tees to help fund our adoption of our daughter from Russia. For every t-shirt you buy, we will receive $7.50-10.00 (depending on how many t-shirts we sell). We only have four weeks to sell these oh-so-cute t-shirts (12/03/2010-12/31/2010). They would make great Christmas gifts.

You  MUST use this code (Family Code: ELLIOTT1203) when checking out to help us track the funds we are raising!  It would not hurt if you mentioned the family code, or your last name, in the comment section when placing their order(though not a necessity! ) Please understand this code does NOT provide a discount on the Adoption fundraiser Tees. The code will be used solely to help us track your sales for our Fundraising efforts to bring our daughter home.
Link to the store:

Fundraiser Number 2:
Just Love Coffee
Visit to purchase coffee for gifts, for yourself, for the mailman. These make great teacher gifts too. Every bag of coffee you purchase, gives our adoption fund $5.00. Just Love Coffee is a local business too. So support your local business while helping orphans and their families.

Number 3 (my personal favorite):
Just donate to our cause at All monies donated go directly to her fund to help with all the costs associated with adoption.
Please help us spread the word and bring our daughter home!!!


patsy said...

just found your blog through RR and saw that you live in smyrna! we live in mboro and our little angel blessed with that magic chromosome is 18 months old...our blog is
hope you can come to our blog and please email me if you want to talk or have any ? look so forward to following your journey watching you bring this sweet girl home! she is a doll! i will be praying for your family...

Karen said...

I am contacting you because we too are adopting from Russia and we live in Murfreesboro!!!! Could you please email me as soon as possible b/c I am having trouble finding an agency to do our homestudy! I would love to know who you guys are using! And I am laughing bc I know Patsy above and she is a sweetheart.

Karen said...

I apologize...I realized that I left the above comment asking for you to contact me and left you no email address:) It is Really looking forward to hearing from you and getting some recommendations! Thanks!

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