Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Things I love (part 2)

This guy:
He's my all-star. JD L-O-V-E-S baseball, no really loves it. I think he would play it in his sleep if he could figure out how. He loves anything baseball--on TV, on the computer, at the park. It doesn't matter as long as there is a ball and a bat and a glove involved. He plays travel ball exclusivly this season. In the past, we've done both league and travel ball, but this year, we are focusing on just the travel. Plus, there are about 15 tournaments he's set to play in. This week has been great. I've got to spend a couple days with just him since sis is spending the week with Mimi. we've had some pretty sweet mom and son time. Some things about him:
  • baseball!!!
  • He's just started liking UK basketball; He used to be a big orange fan, but lately, he's turned to the big blue.
  • He hates spelling
  • He loves math and science and social studies and art
  • He's a helper. He'll help anyone with anything.
  • He likes to make stuff (paint, wood, fabric, doesn't matter as long as he's making something)
  • He loves outside
  • He likes to hunt (mostly with the airsoft, but will occasionally pick up a real gun).
  • His best friends are Parker, Hank, Caden, and Maddux
  • He's very shy
  • Steak and ribs are his favorites
  • He likes the movies
  • His favorite TV shows are wipeout, billy the exterminator, and anything to do with hunting
  • He just got a new email address and spams me and his dad
  • He secretly loves Jules (but only when no one is looking)
  • He is the sweetest, kindest eight year old I know
I hate that he's growing up so fast. I want him to stay little forever, but that is quickly not happening. I'm glad he still likes to snuggle and love on me, even if we have to do it in secret because he thinks he's too big. Occasionally, he'll grab my hand when we're walking in a store and my heart skips a beat. I love my #3!!!

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