Saturday, March 19, 2011

And we wait...

We're ready to go back and get our sweet angel, but our US government isn't quite in the hurry we are. We were fingerprinted back in February (the 11th to be exact). we have all of our documents ready to be notarized and state sealed as soon as we get the wonderful golden ticket, the I-171h that gives us permission to bring our Lyubov Jane home. We've tried calling the USCIS many times; we've emailed numerous times and finally yesterday got the response from our officer that if she didn't have so many phone calls and emails to answer our case would move much faster. Really??? We have a few friends who went after us for their fingerprints and have already received their ticket. What gives? We've contacted congresswoman Black and our two senators to see if there is any way they can help get our case expidited. maybe we'll have that approval soon. The average wait is 75 days; we're about 30 or so in. I can not wait another 45 days to see our girl.

On the other hand, we found out we don't need a physical here since we had one done at the US clinic in EE when we were there. Of course that could change the week we go back. One thing is for sure, adoption is not predictable.

What can you do? Pray that we get the I-171h soon, That our court date is scheduled as soon as the approval gets to them, that Lyubov Jane still remembers us when we return.

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