Sunday, January 30, 2011

LP families

We haven't even went to our first Little People meeting yet, and so many families have welcomed us already. I'm so glad that we have several families I can contact with questions, instead of just clicking a link on a website. All of you ladies who have reached out to us, we thank you. You are all an amazing group of people and I hope that we can meet in person one day (especially since my daughter is going to marry one of your sons!!).


Jaime said...

I told you in my email or maybe it was my comment on another post, that we have an INCREDIBLE group of families. I have come to love all of them so dearly. It's so important to have these bonds with families that know what you're going through. So again WELCOME to our "family"

Tracey Sharp said...

We just brought our lil LP guy home and we too have been sooo welcomed and its been amazing to know my questions are always answered!!

We cannot wait to see your lil girl home with you....shes beautiful!!

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