Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We received word today that we can begin making travel plans for Eastern Europe!! We have to apply for our visas (which looks like they take about 8 days to process) and make travel arrangements. Right now, we are looking at the end of February/early March. We may be traveling with another couple who are also going to the same region as we are, just a different orphanageWe will have our February fundraiser announced soon on our blog (www.elliottsfamilystory.blogspot.com), but you can make donations at Reece's Rainbow (http://www.reecesrainbow.com/sponsorelliott) on our family page if you feel led to do so. We will also be taking a donation of goods to the orphanage on both visits if you would like to donate items for the orphanage (calling all my couponing friends out there), these are some things that are NEEDED MOST (we are going to a "baby" house which I think has children under age four or five): This was a generic list we found on-line. We are working with our translator in EE to see if she has other suggestions as well. (If the two links don't work, try copy and pasting them into your browser). It was also suggested that we put a translation with any of the ointment, etc. google translate is what we use to translate our things.

antibiotic ointment
topical barrier cream (Desitin)
topical antiseptic (Caladryl, Bactine)
gloves, sterile and non-sterile
petroleum jelly
sterile gauze wrap, pads
lip ointment
blood pressure cuffs
paper tape, surgical
burn ointment
skin cream
infant liquid vitamins
chewable vitamins for children over age 2 years
wash cloths
nail clippers
hair bands, barrettes, combs
new shoes and boots of all sizes
handknit clothing- sweaters, vests, socks, hats, mittens
new underwear sizes for 12 months to 16 years
large inflatable balls with pump
collapsible tunnels and cubes (mazes)
educational/developmental toys*
pull-push toys
wind-up music boxes
puzzles, sorting toys
rattles, tething rings
art supplies- crayons, clay, markers
coloring mats (erasable)
safety scissors
Matchbox sized cars, trucks
picture books with little or no text
cards, jacks, jump ropes, balls


Jaime said...

What an exciting post to read this morning. So excited for you!

Robin E. said...

Congratulations! I hope you will be able to meet Oksana M. She is so adorable. I wonder about her all the time. Maybe, if you get a chance, could you report back about how she is doing?

Christine said...

Great! I hope things go well. I am glad you are bringing some essentials to the orphanage. Don't bring stuffed animals though, I heard they don't like those for health reasons.
I think your new daughter is beautiful.

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