Sunday, November 14, 2010

God's Plan

I know I'm not the first one to go against God's plan thinking mine was the better way. I know that He has been working on my heart towards adoption for a LONG time.

I think back to when we first moved to Nashville in 2000. I had a sweet girl in my 8th grade class; she was a cheerleader and had two siblings who were adopted from Eastern Europe(I think). I always found it facinating the process and how she felt about having siblings who were not biologically related. They were as much her brother and sister as any biological ones could be.

Again, a couple years after JD was born, great friends of ours chose to adopt a little boy from Eastern Europe. I remember talking with Eric and saying I wasn't sure if I could love another child as my own, boy was I wrong!!!

My best friend was adopted as an infant.

We have been placed in a church with a heart for orphan care (a church I didn't want to attend at first but have grown to love); in a small group with three other families in the process of adopting from China, Eastern Europe, and Ethiopia.

I have a couple school friends who have adopted or are in the process.

I can only imagine that God put me on this path to fulfill this goal of His. We are supposed to take care of the orphans, and for our family, it means welcoming a new child into our home. We know that it is going to be a long and frustrating process, but I have many supporters. I have friends I can call and text with my frustrations. "One page at a time." I'm thinking it's more like "one blank at a time."

I am excited, nervous, scared to death, and can not wait to meet my child that God has made for me. I think I realized this was what we were supposed to do when I thought, I have a child out there who doesn't know me; one who has never had me hold them when they are scared; one who has never had a bottle from me when they were hungry; one who has not had me kiss their boo-boo when they fell down; one I have not tucked in at night or kissed good morning. Mom and Dad are coming to get you!!!

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