Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Almost Six Months

June 11th marks six months home. My home time has flown by!!! Here are some updates on what Louba can do now:

  • TALK! she is a talker and will talk with anyone who will stop and listen. Right now, she's speaking in 6-7 word sentences. I can understand most of what she says. She gets frustrated when you can't understand her. 
  • Her favorite things to say/ask: "Whatcha doing?" "Where you goin?" "I like your fingernails" (but only if they are polished. She does not like a french manicure). "Go fast momma!" She does not like to stop when we are in the car. 
  • PRAYERS. She says her daycare lunchtime prayer at dinner every night, and "now I lay me" at bed time. Most of the time it's in a whisper.
  • Her TRIKE. She loves riding her tricycle outside or in the house. The Easter bunny even brought her a kitty helmet to wear.
  • BUBBLES. she likes to blow them, pour them out, play in them.
  • EAT. She's finally trying new things thanks to daycare. She'll eat chicken nuggets now, green peas, fish sticks, spaghetti, french fries, chicken tacos, chips, salsa, bananas and peanut butter, pbandj sandwiches, and loves milk and water. She's even gained a couple pounds since January. 
  • CLOTHES. she wants to wear dresses ALL.THE.TIME. if we go shopping, we have to look at shoes. 

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