Monday, January 16, 2012

Some helpful sites

As we started our journey to adopt, we knew that our daughter had achondroplasia. We spent weeks (and still do) researching ways to make her life better/more accessable. We also needed to know all we could about Achondroplasia and how it affected her and how it was going to affect our family. What kind of special care would she need (if any)? What things did we need to do around the house to make it safer for her to live there? Even things as basic as what kind of clothes does she need. I've read research. I've devoured blogs written by LPs and POLP (parents of little people). We also research many topics on adoption in general (attachment was the big one). Here are some resources that have helped us and I'm sure we'll go back to on a regular basis. If you are around our family, please help and educate yourself on these topics too.
LPA online (this one is for parents and teachers)
LPA online (home page)
Jaime Murphy (my cyber BFF) I have learned so much about being a parent of a little person from her.
MaryLeigh Brown (a real-life friend). Wonderful adoption resource!!!

Feel free to add your own resources in the comments. I'll update as I have time.

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