Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trip four! Day One, Two, and Three

We made it back to R on Monday. Day one was spent in several different airports to get here, and after almost 24 hours, we made it to the hotel in Louba's region.

Day Two December 6th, 2011 "Gottcha Day" or "Louba's Day":
We went to the passport agency around 10:30 to pick up Louba's red passport so that we can finally begin to take her home. It was actually ready to go and we were in and out in no time. Then, on to the adoption center to sign our name to take her off the registery for adoptable kids (why this wasn't done in February on our first visit, I'm not sure). Next, we made the hour drive to her city "G-K" to pick her up. She was ready to go. The baby home wanted some pictures of the three of us, but I han't printed any to give them. Luckily, I was able to log-on to our shutterfly account and e-mail them to them. I'm planning to get together a book to send them when we get home. The lady who visited the baby home and fell in love with Louba gave her a necklace to remember "R." It's going in her jewelry box til she's a little older. We changed her into too many clothes, but they thought it was needed. Of course, we didn't have any boots, and had to go buy her some at the local "mall." Malls/shopping centers here, remind me of flea markets back home. Just very different.

We drove back to Moscow and Louba colored the whole time. I was hoping for some sleep, but that didnt' happen until we were about an hour away from the Moscow hotel. No tears, a pretty uneventful day. She didn't want to eat anything but bread, and we had some bananas that she loved.

I just knew we would have trouble at bedtime, but she went to bed without any fighting. We have a baby bed in our room for her. Eric had brought her a bear, and she has held tight to it for the past two days.

Day Three: Dr. Appointment
Again, I think was a joke really. He checked her flexibility, her ears, rubbed her belly and said she's healthy. That's it. I've already made her appointment for when we return.

She talks ALL THE TIME. Of course, we don't understand a word, but she thinks we do. Daddy is still Pappa. She was able to skype with the family this morning, and just laughed at her new brother and sister. She called everyone by name (Nana, Mimi, bubba). She kept calling Shauna, Momma on the computer.

The past three days have been wonderful. I know her time of grieving is coming, but I'm enjoying the fun, lovable Louba right now. I'm sure we'll get tears when we get on the plane in a few days.

Our journey is not over, it's just beginning. Here are a couple pictures from the past couple of days.

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