Monday, March 12, 2012

First Day of School

Today, Louba started daycare (or Louba school). I go back to work on Friday, and this was what we decided to do. She's used to being around lots of kids (hello, she grew up in an orphanage). We were a little nervous that she would think we were "taking her back" to the orphanage, because the school is very institutional looking when you first walk in. We visited the school a couple of times to get her used to walking in the door and realizing that we weren't going to leave here there. We've talked about her going to school for a while now. We've really built it up, in hopes that it would get her excited about school. When we turned onto the road that the school is on, she ask, "Are we going to Louba's school."

"Yes," I said.

"YEEESSSS!!!" fist pump from the back seat. I think she was pretty excited (she told Eric she was cited last night about school).

I picked her up after lunch today to ease her into going and being away from mom. She even ate while there (two servings of cereal for snack, and two servings of peas for lunch). When I walked in, she finally saw me and I got the biggest smile. She immediately  began telling me that she got to use scissors today.  Before we even got out of the door she said she wanted to go back tomorrow. We may try nap time at school tomorrow.

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